Quality that speaks for itself

Monteith Taxidermy is not a production taxidermy studio, that is, we do not attempt to mass produce identical mounts with little artistic or creative features to maximize production. In contrast, we are committed to incorporating the time, artistic creativity, and anatomical accuracy deserved of each specimen, regardless of its complexity or rarity. Our goal is to recreate and preserve the animals that were perfectly designed by our Creator. Although we will never achieve that absolute perfection, we do our best to approach it.We designed our business to serve the discriminating sportsmen that desires anatomical accuracy in combination with an artistic and realistic expression. We use only the best materials and do our own tanning to maintain quality control that is not possible with many commercial tanneries. At the same time, we strive to provide the best in customer service and maintain a reasonable turnaround. We understand the anticipation of getting your trophies back home and that’s why we do our best to maintain a turnaround time of about 1 year. To maintain this turnaround, we limit the number of specimens that we receive each year. An enormous backlog of work causes most taxidermists to rush through work to simply ‘get it done’, which compromises the quality of the work—a philosophy we refuse to operate under.

Currently, we are located in 3 locations to serve your taxidermy needs: Laramie, Wyoming, and near Watertown and Rapid City, South Dakota. We specialize in game heads, pedestals, life-size mammals, and bird taxidermy. We also provide various other services including whole-sale tanning, antler and horn reproductions, European or skull mounts, and various other taxidermy related services.

We at Monteith Taxidermy strive to offer you the best service possible while preserving the thrill of the pursuit with taxidermy. We are passionate outdoorsmen and we understand the level of effort and expense that goes into collecting a trophy, as well as the value of each trophy to its owner. We put that level of passion into each piece we produce. We take pride in our work and refuse to let anything go out our door that we wouldn’t be proud to put our name on. As we have always argued, “the quality of our work speaks for itself.”

Please browse our website to learn more about Monteith Taxidermy and the service we provide. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your trophy. Until then, best of luck, and God bless.

For the thrill of the pursuit,
Kevin and Kyle Monteith

About Us

Monteith Taxidermy was established to fulfill the innate desire of 2 individuals, Kevin and Kyle Monteith, to be affiliated with nature and use their artistic abilities by preserving the thrill of the pursuit with taxidermy. Learn more about us or view our portfolio.

“If it is morally right to kill an animal to eat its body, then it is morally right to kill it to preserve its head. A good sportsman will not hesitate as to the relative value he puts upon the two, and to get the one he will go a long time without eating the other.”

— Theodore Roosevelt, 1905