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Brothers Kevin and Kyle Monteith are the co-proprietors of Monteith Taxidermy, which was established in 1999. Since its inception, Monteith Taxidermy has strived for excellence in taxidermy and customer service.

Kevin and Kyle grew up in Bristol, South Dakota where their fascination for wildlife was instilled early in their youth by their parents and their grandfather. Hunting and fishing were activities they anxiously anticipated as the seasons progressed each year. Hunting and fishing, however, were more than just a desired activity; their family also depended upon wildlife for sustenance. Indeed, that necessity for survival instilled a great amount of respect in the boys for wild things and wild places. The strong desire to be associated with wildlife has manifested itself in both their career path and daily activities. Kevin and Kyle chose to pursue a career in wildlife science. Kevin obtained BSc and MSc degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at knkpronghornSouth Dakota State University, and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Idaho State University. Currently, Kevin is an Assistant Professor with the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Wyoming in Laramie where he lives with his wife, Sheila, and daughters Sierra and Ainsley. Kevin has conducted research on white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep across much of the western US. Kyle also obtained a BSc and MSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at SDSU. He is currently a Soil Conservationist for the Natural Resource Conservation Service, and lives with his wife, Danielle and sons, Asher and Easton, and daughter Evoleht in Wallace, South Dakota. The detailed study of deer and other wildlife has allowed Kevin and Kyle to develop a comprehensive understanding of animal behavior and anatomy, which has accentuated their abilities as taxidermists. Furthermore, both have competed and won numerous awards at taxidermy knkbisoncompetitions in both North Dakota and South Dakota in the past decade. Their participation in competition is solely to improve their development and abilities as taxidermists. Kevin has become well recognized for his mammal taxidermy, while Kyle has become well recognized for his bird taxidermy. Although they specialize in different areas of taxidermy, in combination, they comprise one of the leading taxidermy teams in the industry. They only hope that their pieces they produce as taxidermists glorify God and His creation.

Beginning in 2011, their brother Aaron joined the Monteith Taxidermy Team to open a receiving station in Rapid City, South Dakota to increase the accessibility to customers in surrounding areas. Aaron has been involved with taxidermy by working with Kevin and Kyle for many years, and decided to formalize his involvement with the business in 2011. We look forward to Aaron’s increased involvement and expanding the operations of Monteith Taxidermy.


“In a civilized and cultivated country wild animal only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen. The excellent people who protest against all hunting, and consider sportsmen as enemies of wild life, are ignorant of the fact that in reality the genuine sportsman is by all odds the most important factor in keeping the larger and more valuable wild creatures from total extermination…..”

— Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Laramie, WY

Kevin Monteith
1960 North 10th Street
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Kyle Monteith
15775 439th Ave.
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Rapid City, SD

Aaron Monteith
23445 154th Ave
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